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Aboutus - Mohmand Medical Complex

Afghanistan is one of war stricken and post conflict country in the world that indecent & abusive language of war impacts destroyed the social and political system in the country.

The Mohmand Medical Complex (MMC) and hospital health policy and strategy for the first time according to the Values, a healthy life rights, equity for gender & children, the person cant receive health facilities as their right in the society and for those patients diseases who’s treatment is still not possible within country is written and prepared that will be strongly useful

in the managing health system management.

The Mohmand Medical Complex (MMC) and hospital health policy and strategy newly as a new form according to the Afghan Mother law, public health law, regulations, procedures, policies and strategies made and ready to implementation. The Mohmand Medical Complex (MMC) and hospital health policy and strategy also can prevent, reduce and control the mortality & morbidity rate and do the treatment of complicated diseases that nowadays these patients are going to abroad for the treatment and spend lots of money for health care. The Mohmand Medical Complex (MMC) and hospital will prepare such kind of facilities or standard conditions for diagnosing and treatment that can be equal the abroad neighborhood countries and everybody can receive equal health facilities in Afghanistan.

As the Mohmand Medical Complex (MMC) and hospital activities are organized according to the ministry of public health privet sector policies framework, it need to say that the MMC hospital & diagnostic center branches will provide services under a working policy each Surgical major & minor operations & consultations, Internal medicine consultations or other specialty consultations and diagnostic tests & procedures performance will be adopted according to the relevant policy that can be sufferable for everybody in the country.

Policy for Poly clinic and Diagnostic center’s branches

There are some rules should be obey for the continuing and maintaining of service delivery of OPD patients , Staffs , Patients relatives to control the activities of MMC hospital and Polyclinic-Diagnostic Center:

1. The patient who comes for the consultation and visit of Doctors, Specialist trainer and professors should get visit card from reception and information office.

2. The fees of Doctors, Specialist trainer and professors should be collected and safe in the relevant branch.

3. According to the advice of Doctors, Specialist trainer and professors the examinations/ tests sheet should be give to the patient and send to the relevant branches after the fixing of cost of the examination / tests and signature of responsible person the money can collect or safe in relevant branch.

4. After collecting related fees of each branch total daily counting copy should be give to the relevant person or should pay cash on the end of day, week, month.

5. If the treatment is related to another branch and patient refer to the another department the fee will be return to related branch Doctors, Specialist trainer and professors account.

6. The polyclinic related Doctors, Specialist trainer and professors should examine their own related patient so the treatment will be on responsibility manner.

7. Each staff off MMC obligated to have their uniform during the time of working.

8. Each staff of MMC have to use properly the instrument and safe it.

9. For the permanent MMC staff family members (himself/herself, parents and kids) tests , examinations and treatment procedures are free of charges , and for other family members (Brothers & kids, sisters & kids ,Uncle, Ants, Grandfather& mother) 50 % discount and other medical staff (Nurses, Doctors ) has 25 % discount receives.

10. If the patient is admitted through polyclinic the doctor should introduction sheet patient to the related office.

11. Those governmental and privet clinics or hospitals have agreement/protocol with MMC according to completion of tests or other procedures they will receive 25% of discount. The agreement/protocol should be renewed after the end of limited time.

12. The patients who admitted through polyclinic it should contain file and operation agreement sheet.

13. The patient’s services cost /expenses should be deposit before procedures receiving in hospital.

MMC staff 24h duty should be arranged according to the list the payment will be as the rules so duty on holidays will have double charge.


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